Trending Promo Item: Golf Gifts & Gear

  • Apr 27, 2022

Help your brand stand out by utilizing custom-printed golf products! 


custom golf shoe bagPromotional products can help boost brands in a variety of ways, especially if/when a trending item is utilized. Right now, golfing gifts are more popular than ever, as they allow people to get out and have some fun, all while serving as advertisements of sorts.


Even if you do not operate in the world of sports, you can still turn to custom-printed golf gear. This can be:

  • Included in employee welcome kits
  • Sent as customer appreciation gifts
  • Handed out at trade shows
  • Given away on social media
  • Part of swag bags
  • Raffled off at events
  • And sold, in order to spread awareness about your product(s)/service(s)

The spring and summer months mark a peak time for the game of golf, and this classic activity can be enjoyed by anyone and everyone, adding to its popularity. When thinking of those who play, keep thoughtful and useful products in mind … items that will actually be taken along on promotional golf pouchoutings and not stuffed at the back of a drawer or the bottom of a trash can.


Some examples of high-quality golf gifts include:

Each of these can be customized with a brand’s name, logo, color, and messaging. And while traditional advertising methods – ranging from spots on the radio to billboards – can still be quite effective, Sports Marketing Plus believes marketing should be taken up a notch. Instead of running a campaign somewhere, you can give a gift that is centered around a passion or a hobby. You can pass on a tool that will help solve a problem and enhance an experience. You can share an item that will make the recipient feel special and that will make your brand the center of attention. 


That being said, shop top-selling and fan-favorite golf gifts, prizes, and branded merch here!


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