Sports Accessories Market On The Rise: Act Now, With Promo Products

  • Jan 13, 2020

The sports accessories market is a big one, and it is on track to see some monumental growth by 2025.


With the rise in this industry, companies and organizations need to act now, in order to experience some growth themselves, and one of the smartest ways to do this is by utilizing promotional products.


As stated by Industry Today, the world of branded items has a value of over $23.3 billion, and the most popular pieces to give away include wearables (which can track heart rates, activities and more) and drinkware (which is great for promoting hydration). 


That being said, here are some suggestions for your brand, which can be raffled off via social media, be handed out at trade shows, be used to advertise while out on the town and incentivize employees and customers.



clear bag

When people head to the gym or to a game, they need a stylish and suitable way to carry all of their belongings. Bags that are provided by you will get the job done and get way more eyes on your logo!



company cap

Caps are super popular, and it is common to see these featuring teams and brands. Those in the sports world definitely need to offer their fans and customers cool hats with cool imprints on them. 



athletic sweatbands

On a similar note, many athletes prefer to wear sweatbands. These are small and affordable, too, making them easy to include in gift bags and on trade show booths.



logo towel

No matter the sport, sweat will be involved, so another idea would be towels. These will definitely be appreciated!



branded sunglasses

Finally, include sunglasses, when stocking up on promotional items, as they can be worn by one and all and as they are a neat way to show off your brand.



So whether you own a gym, offer personal training sessions, sell nutritional supplements, run an equipment shop or sponsor a team, turn to custom products like these, in order to grow with the sports industry!

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