Ready-To-Go Promotional Snack Kits

  • Jan 3, 2020

Promote healthy eating and your brand with these unique and useful items!


Promotional gifts are a great way to attract people and drum up business; everyone loves freebies, and with high-quality and useful items (read more about this via Small Business Trends), you can effectively tell people about your brand and regularly remind people of all you offer.


In the sports industry specifically, there are numerous times when branded products would make a splash, especially if they were related to and centered around nutrition and snacks. For example, you could hand out snacks at a sporting event, send clients goodie bags on holidays, make swag available to wellness fair attendees and collaborate with/thank others in the field by sending them customized fitness tools.


Yes, snack kits can promote healthy eating, which can help protect against malnutrition and disease, as stated by the World Health Organization, AND can promote your company/organization.


Therefore, keep the following gifts in mind:


The Charlie Backpack of Snacks comes with cinnamon apple chips, dark chocolate-covered almonds, berry nut mix, sweet & tangy mustard with dipping pretzels, caramel popcorn, almond cookies, truffles, pistachios, cheddar cheese straws and shortbread cookies, all in a reusable bag.

The Executive Edge Gourmet Keepsake Box comes with smoked almonds, berry nut mix, sweet & tangy mustard with dipping pretzels and peanut crunches.

The Sweet Thanks comes with berry nut mix and almond butter toffee, and the Avery Cotton Pouch can have a company name, logo or marketing message printed onto it.

The Dover Delights Snack Pack Cooler comes with caramel popcorn, peanut crunch, chocolate chip cookies, dark chocolate sea salt seed bar and whole grain pretzels. 

The Shimmering Sweets & Snacks Gourmet Tower comes with berry nut mix, almond cookies, milk chocolate pretzels, yogurt-covered raisins, almond butter toffee and bourbon truffles, making for an 11" tower of snacks. 

The Nico Snack Pack Gourmet Cooler with Geyser Bottle is a sporty cooler that comes with chocolate chip cookies, apple cinnamon chips, peanut crunch, berry nut mix, cold brew iced tea bags, key lime lemonade drink mix and a reusable water bottle.



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