Promote Your Brand With Athleisure Wear

  • Apr 15, 2020

Now more than ever, people want fashionable and functional clothes they can wear at home. So show off your name/logo with sporty clothing items!


The athleisure wear market is a popular one, as people like to be comfortable. Big brands such as Yeezy, Outdoor Voices and Fabletics are known for their sporty garments, but everyone has gotten in on this trend. Furthermore, these clothes can be worn during workouts, as well, serving fashionable and functional purposes. 


Sweatpants and joggers, specifically, witnessed the highest ever growth in 2019, with sales growth of more than 6.5%. There has been a 4.3% increase in demand for athletic footwear. And the world of activewear in general is now worth $18 billion.


They can also be worn in the comfort of homes, when people are working, exercising and lounging, as everyone is doing right now, due to current circumstances.


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While your brand may not be getting as much traffic or business as usual, you can make sure you stay relevant. You can make sure you appeal to customers, followers, employees and beyond. And you can promote yourself with branded athleisure wear.



promotional head accessories

Caps, along with beanies and bandannas, can make stylish statements, protect from the environment and even act as safety tools; remember to tie a bandanna or mask around your face before heading out!



logo socks

Ankle socks, fuzzy socks, compression socks… Find a variety of styles that will appeal to audiences of all types.



promotional outerwear

Whether someone is going for a walk in the cold/rainy weather or curled up on the couch with work or a good movie, these jackets and hoodies are the answer.



promotional pants

Some options for cozy pants include yoga pants, joggers, sweatpants and pajama bottoms. And yes, these can all be branded with your company’s or organization’s name and logo, too.



promotional t-shirts


And finally, there are T-shirts and tanks of all kinds, which can be dressed up or down, can be worn during this pandemic and beyond and can promote your brand in a really smart way!

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