Marketing To Sports Fans In A Post-Pandemic World

  • May 4, 2022

Things may look a bit different now, but fans are still quite serious about their favorite players and teams. Therefore, keep these facts and tips in mind, when it comes to showing off your brand.


Showing up early and staying late. Painted faces and foam fingers. Singing the fight song and cheering along. Pride, whether it’s a win or loss. No matter the sport, fans are a vital part of this world. They make up this community, this family, that shows athletes and teams the support needed to keep on going until that final buzzer.


Therefore, when the pandemic hit, this industry suffered. Games were put on hold, athletes were receiving positive tests, and fans were stuck at home. They were not just going to lie down and give up on their favorite games, though. Instead, people changed what sports fandom looked like.


Rather than huddling around a tailgate to talk shop, fans started chatting online more about the game. Because crowds couldn’t gather in stadiums, they shared their screens and watched virtually. These options involved being isolated and remote, yet they brought sports fans together in a whole new way.


And these facts, which can be explored further via Nielsen's 2022 Global Sports Marketing Report, affect how businesses and organizations should now approach sports marketing. Seasons may have resumed, but there is a new normal, including for this industry.


So, when looking to boost awareness / traffic, keep the following in mind: Devoted communities of sports fans are now, more than ever, engaging online and from the comfort of their homes. They still want to show off their pride, though.


For instance, they can wear custom-printed ear buds when Facetiming their friends about last night’s game, or they can hook up some branded speakers to watch the match with surround sound. They can post about theories and predictions, all while wearing loungewear with your logo on it. They can have watch parties, featuring energy drinks and snacks provided by your brand. 


These fans can learn about your product(s)/service(s) and still enjoy the world of sports, as you market yourself and help grow the fandom…no matter the sport, location, or team.


Photos via Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash & freepik


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