Imprinted Cups For All

  • Dec 18, 2018

Drinkware items can serve as a great piece of swag for everyone from teams and nonprofits to startups and corporations.


When it comes to spreading the word about your team, organization or company, stadium cups are the way to go! There are numerous sizes, colors and styles - all of which can keep your fans and followers hydrated, while serving as a form of advertising.


Stadium Cups For The Sports Sector

Sports stadiums, training facilities and teams (from pro to pee wee) are a target demographic when it comes to stadium cups. These can be purchased as a souvenir at the concession stand, used at the water cooler for a team or handed out at the end of a camp.


Try this 16 oz. stadium cup or this 22 oz. one!


Drinkware In The World Of Education

And speaking of kids, stadium cups are great to hand out on college campuses, to use as prizes in schools, to send home from educational facilities and to sell for fundraisers.


This 3-in-1 tumbler, for instance, would be appealing to any student, while this straw-n-lid cup could be sold to raise money for a class, a trip or a team.  


Cups Used To Promote Organizations

The world of education is not the only one that needs support, though. Organizations such as nonprofits and medical centers can turn to cups in order to promote themselves. Everyone has to stay hydrated, so these serve as a great way to get your name out there.


Provide patients and employees with cups like this super sipper, and use a 17 oz. stadium cup as a piece of marketing material!

More specifically, organizations that are in the environmental sector or that are looking to go green can turn to glass bottles like this 18 oz. one, while those in healthcare can opt for an infuser bottle like this 25 oz. option, which is a great way to get in herbs or fresh fruit. Furthermore, Nalgene bottles, such as this 32 oz. wide mouth water bottle, are good for outdoor organization, since they can be durable, leak-proof and easy to clean.


Drinkware Items For Businesses

This brings us to our last point; businesses of all sizes can give mugs to clients, can raffle off water bottles at conventions and can give away cups at trade shows.


Find these drinkware items - a stoneware mug, a stainless steel bottle and a color change cup - and more at!


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