Heading To A Conference or Convention? Then You Need These Items!

  • Oct 23, 2018

Use these custom-printed, sports-themed items to promote your brand and to take care of yourself!


You have a convention to speak at next month. You’re setting up at a trade show in a couple of weeks. You have day-to-day business obligations, such as board meetings, conference calls and industry mixers. For professionals, the work never ends!


It can be hard to find time to take care of yourself, but the following products can support self-care and can help you cater to athletic clients, sports-related brands and an audience focused on athleisure.


Therefore, next time you are heading off to a business event, turn to these custom-printed, sports-themed promotional items that not only spread the news of what you do but can also help you out personally, too!


A Digital LCD Pedometer Watch, for instance, can help you count your steps each day, as you’re walking to work, to meetings and around conventions. Fitness watches are huge right now (The number of wearable devices is expected to jump from 325M to over 830M in 2020.), so this product also makes the perfect item to hand out at your booth.


A Shaker Cup is another product we recommend for on-the-go professionals; get your logo printed on a few, hand them out to anyone/everyone, and take one for yourself, in order to at least get in a protein shake in between meetings.


Similarly, a Water Sports Bottle can be handed out to customers and followers, no matter your industry. And remember to take one for yourself, too, and to stay hydrated!


Something else that a client will enjoy being given at conferences, that fans will be eager to win during giveaways and that everyone in your office will be wanting to steal is a Zip Fleece Jacket; this one is a pullover style with a side pocket and a zipper up top.  


We definitely suggest taking Stress Relievers with you while traveling! Professionals stay busy, so these balls make great swag for some great stress-relieving squeezes.


Speaking of relieving stress...Why not give away a Fitness and Yoga Mat or two? These have a non-slip surface and a carrying pouch, and they promote wellness among professionals (including yourself!).


Last but not least, when heading out to conferences and conventions, you need a Sports Pack. It will be handy, since you’ll be carrying a notepad and/or a computer, your phone and keys, as well as swag items, and everyone else there will need a place to keep all the promotional products you will be handing out, too.


So use these custom-printed, sports-themed items to promote your brand, and remember to take care of yourself while you are out there spreading awareness about your brand!


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