Give The Gift Of Imprinted Athletic Apparel

  • Oct 14, 2020

Brands in the sports sector and beyond can appeal to crowds with custom-printed clothing items.


There are sports teams, athletic brands and schools that will turn to fitness apparel, as a way to raise funds, look cohesive and allow fans to show off their support. But any organization/company can have their name and brand imprinted onto sporty clothing items. These can then be sold, given away, handed out or included with purchases, leading to an increase in awareness and business.


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From athleisurewear that is worn at home to athletic accessories that are worn on the field and court, there are a variety of garments from which to choose. The fact that they can all be custom-printed means they will serve as thoughtful promotional products for employees, followers, clients jacket with logoand beyond.


Caps, Hats & Beanies

Headwear is a common item in this category, as people enjoy putting their fandoms on display with logo caps. These accessories, along with other types of hats and beanies, are small and affordable, making them good options to hand out at events or include as freebies. 


Jackets, Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Cozy garments with love sleeves and hoods help transition athletes and sports fans into the fall and winter seasons. Plus, they are great for wearing around the house, which everyone is doing now, more than usual.



A go-to promo gift is a tee, and it is a wise way to proudly boast a brand’s name, logo, color(s) and/or message. custom sneakers


Socks & Shoes

In the realm of health and fitness, socks and tennis shoes are good to keep in mind, as well. Socks, once again, can be included in swag bags or thrown into the stands/bleachers during games, and a pair of sneakers can be raffled off through a social media contest.


Face Masks


While businesses and associations are planning their campaigns, they should certainly include face masks. These are a necessity right now, they can serve as stylish accessories, and they can allow those in sports to stay safe and show support.

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