Get Creative With Golf Gifts

  • Jul 1, 2021

Gifting promotional products is a normal part of golf events, and the ideas below can help your brand stand out, when sponsoring or hosting.


Whether you are heading to a golf tournament to watch or play, a golf outing with your company or clients, a golf scramble for some competitive action or a golf event for charity, you are going to see a lot of logos. 


The materials that advertise the function, the on-site signs, the apparel and the tools used in the game will all boast the details of particular brands, as will the promotional products that are given to participants.


Gifts are an integral part of events such as these, as they show appreciation to all who are involved and incentivize a next step (such as using your product/service or coming back next year). 


When it comes to the items that are handed out at golf tournaments and outings, though, it is time to think outside the box: Golfers are tired of the same old golf umbrella, golf cap and cooling towel. Sure, these are handy things, but what about when the tourney is over? A truly successful form of advertising will be seen more than once and will be memorable.


Robert Piller, president of, says participants are looking for gifts that are easy to pack and lightweight, while sponsors are looking for items with a large imprint area that can hold multiple full-color logos. For that reason, some of the most popular golf gifts tend to be Bluetooth speakers, cooler bags, backpacks, duffel bags and stainless water bottles. Also, check out this link for a variety of golf tournament gift ideas.


These promo products can serve as gifts-within-gifts, as bags that are handed out upon arrival or directly mailed out can hold smaller freebies. They can all be customized with fonts, colors, names and logos, proudly displaying your company or organization to all who are involved. And they are all useful and thoughtful options that can be utilized while golfing and beyond. 


Brand exposure is vital to all businesses, associations and events, and custom-branded gifts are always a wise option. This is all particularly important right now, as more people are vaccinated and more things are opening back up. With the return of in-person events, golfers will be ready to go, alongside all of the logos of those helping to make the events possible!


That being said, those who will be playing in, hosting or sponsoring any golf events this year should think about the exposure, should take advantage of the handy suggestions listed above and should get ready to spread awareness with promotional golf products. 


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