Get Ahead In The Game: Sports Trends For 2020

  • Nov 25, 2019

As the year winds down, brands, including those in the sports industry, are getting ready for 2020. 


This is a time to reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t… to set new goals… and to prepare for/plan around trends. Yes, a new year brings about new styles and crazes, and this is especially true for those in the physical recreation and wellness fields.


Therefore, we are going to cover trends that will only grow bigger over the next 365 days, as well as how organizations and companies can plan now in order to be ahead of the game then! 


Trends For 2020

Mindfulness: Focusing on one’s self, being aware of the present, doing exercise and practices such as yoga… All of this is part of mindfulness. This is a fitness sector that just keeps growing, as people are able to work out, as well as relieve stress, know themselves better and be enlightened.


How To Prepare: Everyone in the sports sector needs to embrace mindfulness. If you own a gym or studio, offer yoga and meditation classes. If you sell products, think about adding things like CBD, journals and essential oil diffusers to the mix. And in all you do, remind people to be open and present, and make sure you are doing the same!


Plant-Based Diets: Another part of this industry is nutrition, and with sustainable shifts and green alternatives on the rise, get ready to see more vegans, vegetarians and those who have plant-based lifestyles. In fact, it is predicted that only 40 percent of people will be eating meat in 2040.


How To Plan: Obviously, brands in the food and restaurant sector know how to follow this trend, but a plant-based lifestyle can go beyond what someone eats; there are vegan products, eco-friendly items and recycled gifts that all help promote this!


Wearable Tech: And, of course, there are gadgets that people can use when it comes to physical fitness, and next year, more people will be utilizing even more devices, in order to track steps, count calories, monitor heart rate and more. 


How To Prep: Since wearable tech is the top trend for 2020, prep accordingly. Add technology to your classes. Sell customized wearables. Start groups and chats that allow fans and followers to interact. Drum up business by giving away a fitness tracker. Embrace the union of sports and tech!

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