Fanny Packs: A Reemerged & Popular Logo Item

  • Jan 21, 2020

The fanny pack is back! Yes, You Read That Correctly.


This item is so popular that it makes up 25 percent of accessory sales growth. It is part of this trend where people are interested in nostalgic things, especially convenient and stylish things from the ‘90s. And it has been around for 5,000 years and recently seen on people like Beyoncé. Leonardo DiCaprio and Sarah Jessica Parker.


Yes, fanny packs (which may also be called waist packs, belt bags, waist belts, bum bags and fanny bags) allow people to be hands-free and provide a cool place to store belongings. They are especially popular in the sports world, as athletes can wear them while working out and as they go great with athleisure wear. 


That being said, a trendy way to market your brand is with custom fanny packs (like the ones below) that boast your name/logo and that appeal to fans and followers!


A clear fanny pack shows off personal items, which is sometimes necessary, as many stadiums have clear bag rules. 

clear fanny pack

The Trillah can be worn around the chest or waist for a fashionable look.

trendy fanny pack

Great for running, the Tempo Sport Waist Pouch has reflective striping and an adjustable elastic belt with a clip closure.

athletic fanny pack

This kangaroo waist bag has several unique pockets, including a mesh one that is perfect for holding a water bottle during a concert or music festival!

logo fanny pack

A leather fanny pack is another smart and stylish option.

leather fanny pack

This waist pack bag comes in holographic colors that will really help a logo stand out!


holographic fanny pack

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