Don’t Forget These Golfing Accessories

  • Oct 2, 2019

Appeal to golfers with these high-quality and imprinted items that will take the game up a notch.


Golfing is a very popular pastime, and many brands cater to those who play. For instance, there are big businesses known for their polo shirts, bags and clubs, but don’t forget about the accessories of the game!


Yes, an affordable and wise option when it comes to promotional products for golfers is to focus on the smaller items, such as tees, markers and balls. These can all be printed with names and logos, and they can all come in handy while practicing putting or playing through all 18 holes.


So whether you own a country club, manufacture sporting apparel, host an annual tournament or just want to target a bigger audience, consider swag like the following:


Golf ball markers could be handed out at industry events or included as freebies with certain purchases. They come in a variety of colors, can boast a specific message or can show off a company name/logo.

Golfing AccessoriesGolfing Golf Accessories


Tees are another easy swag option, and we recommend this four-pack and this set that comes with five tees, one ball and one poker chip marker. There are also tee carriers, like this oval one and this round one

Golfing teeGolf teeGolfing tee giftGolf swag

Brands may also want to consider tool kits. These can be given away, as a way to drum up even more attention, and can contain anything from first aid components to necessities like cleaners, balls and divot fixers.

Golfing kitGolf toolspromotional Golf product

So appeal to your audience on a whole new level with imprinted items from Sports Marketing Plus!

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