Custom Hydration Packs: Why & How To Use Them

  • May 26, 2021

These useful and stylish bags are perfect for outdoor activities and for showing off your brand! 


custom hydration backpackHydration packs are becoming more and more popular, seen primarily being used by those enjoying the great outdoors, such as hikers and bikers. They are also handy for those who are:

  • Camping
  • Walking their dog(s) 

  • On the water for activities like canoeing, kayaking and rafting

  • Running

  • Gardening

  • Walking

  • Working outside, with jobs in fields such as archaeology or construction 


There are a couple of reasons these twists on water bottles have become such a hit.

  • Convenience: It is easier to carry a backpack full of water than it is to purchase a drink, refill a bottle and/or have your hands full with a refreshment. 

  • Hydration: As the name suggests, this is a fast and easy way to stay hydrated and refreshed while on the go. 

  • Versatility: There are also several types and styles of these packs, which can store items like your phone and keys, too. 


At Sports Marketing Plus, hydration packs are customized with brands’ names, logos, colors and design and used in marketing campaigns. imprinted hydration packSome examples include:

  • Using them as gym membership incentives

  • Giving them away at fun runs and/or charity races

  • Having them as prizes during wellness programs


Some of the top-selling and custom-printed versions of these outdoor items are listed below. 

  • CamelBak Hydrobak: Holds enough water for a two-hour ride and has a safe-zip pocket for keys and essentials.

  • Urban Peak® ELF 25L Backpack: Comes with a hidden zippered pocket with a detachable rain cover, as well as a water-resistant coating. 

  • Crosstrek Hydration Pack: Features compact ripstop nylon with reflective accents, a one-liter bladder with a shut-off valve mouthpiece, padded backing for added comfort and a storage compartment.


Find more imprinted hydration packs here


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