Combining Sports & Technology for Greater Brand Awareness

  • Nov 5, 2019

How can technology and sports be combined, to create even more awareness for your brand?


From instant replays and gadgets that track activity and goals to timers and advanced equipment, there are many overlaps between the worlds of technology and sports, and these industries are becoming more connected every day. 


Today, we will be discussing some of the top ways that these fields affect each other, why that is important and how people can take advantage of this.


How Does Tech Affect Sports?

1. Behind-The-Scenes Details: Rewinding a play for a ref to review, watching last night’s game so a team can know what went wrong/well and checking a smart watch to see how many calories you burned today are all examples of the BTS details technology can provide. This can make a professional game fairer, a team more skilled and an individual healthier. 


2. Connections: Fantasy football leagues, apps full of shared workouts and sports-related Facebook pages are all ways that these two industries combine and make for shared connections. Whether someone is joining in for some fun, looking for some motivation or wanting to find like-minded peers, today’s tech-driven world means gamers, fans and beyond can be involved with someone across the room or across the globe.


3. Industry Growth: The combining of sports and technology has also opened up a whole new space for businesses and organizations. Startups are popping with one-of-a-kind devices, nonprofits are finding new ways to spread their message, and companies are seeing growth like never before.


4. Better & Safer Overall: All these new developments make for a better and safer way to enjoy sports. From how games are scored and what tools team use during practice to how fans engage and what techniques are offered to those interested in health and wellness, there is so much opportunity… and it is just going to keep improving. 


How Can I Get In On The Trend? 

You may own a sports-related business. Your organization may be involved in an upcoming tournament. You could be starting a wellness program in your office. You could be sponsoring a team. You may have clients in this space. And if so, there are some amazing products that are the definition of sports + tech and that can boast your brand name/logo, too!


1. Fitness tracker watches allow people to record and analyze stats such as heart rate, steps, calories burned and sleep. They can also make/receive phone calls, read text messages and display other notifications. Plus, there are styles that feature different shapes and colors, which is fun, too!

fitness trackerfitness watchfitness gadget

2. Headphones and earbuds can be used by professionals on conference calls, coaches on the sidelines, athletes in the gym or employees during a commute. These are always a smart option, when it comes to promotional products.

headphonesearbudsfitness ear phones

3. There are other swag and gift ideas that can work here, no matter your industry. Some good examples include charging pads, touch-screen gloves and tech sets.

charging padscreen glovesbranded tech set   

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