Choosing the Right Golf Tournament Prizes & Gifts

  • Dec 16, 2021


How to Choose the Right Golf Tournament Prizes and Gifts for Your Budget

The right golf tournament gifts and awards can help to make a golf tournament both memorable and a major success.  But with all the available options, how can you select the right gifts to show appreciation for all the participants, volunteers, corporate sponsors, prize winners and more?

Below we cover some of the most popular golf tournament gifts for best practices and popularity:.

Golf Entry Gifts and Goodie Bags


Branded golf-themed gifts and goodie bags are usually handed out when players first arrive at the tournament, usually at the registration desk or sign-in area.  This is an ideal and low-key way to thank participants for coming to the tournament-- and can also increase the excitement and build drama and expectations for your event that you have worked so hard to put on.  Since most tournament participants will not be winning contests or prizes, entry gifts help to attract players and reward them for their everyone is a winner!  Click here to see some golf tournament prize favorites that are available with custom branding.

                Selecting the Right Golf Goodie Bag Items

Golf entry gifts can range from imprinted golf balls, golf gloves, divot tools and more--depending on your budget.  We also suggest a golf goodie bag kit-- that can be stock ones we offer - or completely customized by you--all with your branding.

                    Utilizing Corporate Sponsor Funds

Many times, you can use some of the funds from corporate sponsors if you coop their logo with the logo of your tournament.  Sponsors are expecting a return on their monetary investment, so having branded goodie bag items with their logo goes a long way in satisfying their marketing needs.

                 Custom Logo Tournament Gifts

Having your logo (and often the tournament logo, as well) leaves a lasting keepsake of the event--creating favorable goodwill and marketing longevity.  Be sure the quality of the gifts is high-- so if you are confronted with a tight gift budget, it is better to have fewer items in the goodie bag rather than to skimp on quality. 


Raffle Prizes

Holding a raffle at your golf tournament is an excellent ay to raise additional funds--while increasing participation and gaining attention to your event. Corporate sponsors will often donate large prizes, as will local restaurants and well-known local businesses. It is important to get these gifts donated early so you can promote them in all your marketing that you will be using to promote the event. people love a "WOW" factor in some big ticket raffle prizes. It will go a long way in selling raffle tickets.

Golf Tournament Winner Prizes

Be sure to give careful thought to the top winner prizes. Golf trophies are expected, but they should not be the only prize. Tournament prize values should be commensurate with the entry fees paid as these will be closely associated with the overall success of the tournament--and will also get many viewings on social media. A good rule of thumb is to make the value of 3rd place winning prize equal to 2-3 times the entry price--- then up from there for the top 2 awards.  You can give traditional golf trophies, or nice golf branded swag like logoed golf bags. For individual hole winners and other contests, keep the gift ideas fun.


We are Here to Help Make your Golf Tournament a Success

Let us know how we can help you to plan your golf tournament gifts and prizes.  We have 66 years of experience in making golf tournaments a success. Click here to see over 1,000 top selling custom branded golf tournament gift and prize ideas.... or please call us at 512.507.4709 or email us at and we'll be happy to help.


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