Celebrate National Flip-Flop Day With Promo Footwear

  • Jun 18, 2021

These stylish shoes can be customized with your brand’s name, logo and colors!


Flip-flops are perfect for warm summer days spent at the pool and the beach. However, with all the styles and varieties, these shoes are seen on many different people, with many different outfits and in many different places. How did they get to be so popular, though?


Ancient Egyptians wore pairs made from papyrus and reeds, according to History Daily. In Africa, early versions included animal hides, while those in India were wooden. Rice straw was used to create them in China and Japan, and U.S. soldiers would bring them back when on deployments during World War II, leading to their trendiness in America.


This form of footwear has come a long way, and now, there are options with colorful fabric straps, printed designs and customizations, such as your brand’s name, logo and colors.


custom imprint flip flopFor instance, the Classic Flip Flop, our best-selling one, has an EVA sole and rubber straps. It can even include a "Logo Sole" that leaves an imprint in the sand. 


A Full-Color Flip Flop is an eye-catching way to show off your company/organization, all while providing fans, customers, employees, investors, clients and followers with cool and comfy accessories.


The Riviera is a rubber flip flop with a fabric coating for comfort and a long-lasting imprint. It can be branded on both the Riviera promo flip flop sandalinsole and the strap, and the colors of these can be mixed and matched, creating a completely custom look. 


A Striped Flip Flop is a fun promotional product to keep in mind for employee gifts, social media giveaways and trade show booths. 


The Sunrise Deluxe Flip Flop Sandals feature vinyl fabric straps that feel great and look great, all while serving as a great form of advertising. 



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