7 Fitness Tools For At-Home Workouts

  • Mar 31, 2020

Now, more than ever, brands can encourage people to stay active and well in their houses, with sports-related promo products like these!


With the COVID-19 pandemic, people are encouraged to stay at home so that we can all stay healthy. This has required some adjustments, such as attending school online and working out in the living room.


Not everyone may have gym equipment or free weights in their houses, but there are still ways to remain active during this time. Furthermore, brands can take advantage by turning to promotional sports products, which will help people exercise at home and which can be customized with logos. 


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Here are seven sports and fitness products that can help with at-home workouts:


Fitness Trackers: Count steps, track activity, monitor heart rate, read incoming messages and more with wearable technology.


Exercise Equipment: Resistance bands, jump ropes, massage rollers and fitness belts are just some of the tools that can be utilized while working out at home. 


Cooling Towels: Wipe away sweat and cool down at the end of physical activity.


Protein Shakers: Get in enough protein for the day by adding in a yummy and nutritional shake, which can be blended well in a shaker cup.


Ear Buds: Listen to music during a run or hear a fitness instructor more clearly. 


Yoga Mats: These provide a soft surface, no matter what type of exercise is being done.


Water Bottles: Make sure to stay hydrated!


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