5 Unique Ways To Promote Sports During COVID-19

  • Oct 20, 2020

Get creative, in order to keep encouraging athletes to move and stay fit!


While many schools, teams and associations have returned to playing sports, it is not the same as it once was. From masks that must be worn to new guidelines that must be followed, games have changed for coaches, athletes and fans.


There are creative ways to promote athletics during the COVID-19 pandemic. And while everyone must do what works best for them and make safe decisions, the five ideas below are sure to help out during this strange time.


Virtual Workshops 

Instead of gathering together for a game, practice or an in-person educational session, virtual workshops can happen. These may reiterate specific rules and regulations or could bring in well-known sports stars for a motivational speech.


Online Classes

online workout

Similarly, online classes can be taught. Participants may not have the necessary equipment and space at home, so keep it simple, using this time to refine basic movements or to get in general physical fitness.


Free Resources

It is normal to feel stressed and unsure right now, so turn to freebies! Players can be given coupons to health food shops, infographics with sports tips or links to websites that offer at-home workouts. 


Workout Challenges

Speaking of workout out… Nothing leads to involvement like a challenge. Consider turning to social media to encourage teams and followers to do 100 situps a day or run three miles each week. 


Fitness Gifts

Finally, now is the perfect time to give athletes, as well as coaches and fans, gifts. While any present is a nice gesture, opt for fitness-related ones that can help everyone stay fit and get in some playing time, even amidst the coronavirus. 


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